Welcome to Jersey All Star Cheerleading

Open Gym!! $10 per class
 Wednesday May 4th 6:00-7:30

2016 World Bid Winner! 

Villains- Senior Medium All Girl Level 5

2016 Summit Bid Winners!

Pearls- Small Youth Level 2 **At Large Bid**

Crystals- Small Junior Level 1 **At Large Bid**

Emeralds- Small Junior Level 2 **At Large Bid**

Lime- Large Junior Level 3 **Paid Bid**

Wicked- Small Junior Level 5 **At Large Bid**

Sage- Small Senior Level 2 **At Large Bid**

Mint- Small Senior Level 3 **At Large Bid**

Diamonds- Small Senior Level 4 **Paid Bid**

  Gym Address: 195 Lehigh Ave. Suite #13 Lakewood NJ 08701

if you are interested email us at Jerseyallstars@aol.com or call 732-618-4000


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